Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why wasn't this around in 2002?

Check these out.

I can only imagine what great things would've been done by our team. What would our name have been? The Swamp Beasts? The Scientists? P-Funkinstein?

How would we have dressed? Business suits? Tin cans? Wombats?

Would there have been break dancing before the game? A boom box maybe? Throngs of banshees and harpies swarming the other teams? Would there be headbands or mustaches, or pants peeing? Maybe five or six assistant coaches?

It's just seven years too late. Frankly, I think the opposing teams would see our ironic demeanor and then be completely floored by our athletic prowess (I'm think more of you other guys than myself here). BOOM! The dude in the seventies Provo High basketball uni just got you OUT! Hucklebuck SUCKER!


  1. Darn straight. We could have had a lot of fun with this one. I think it would be cool to show up and then put on straitjackets as uniforms. How you gonna play a team with no arms fools?!?

  2. Or, as Ollerton might suggest, we could tie our legs together and be the "Monopods." Look out fools here come the 'pods!

  3. Both great ideas. I surprised we never did either of those things.

  4. As Thoreau says, never assume that all of the great ideas have already been thought.