Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Ever LaVell Leap On Record.

There is but one, and only, one reason I would ever cheer against the Cougs. There's REALLY only one reason I'd cheer against them in Lavell Edwards Stadium. Only if Kirk was playing on the other team.

Such a wild occurrence actually took place on September 20, 2003. I remember sitting with Lesley, Jed, Guido, Duerden, Mikey, Kevin, DH, Watlz, Ollerton, Benson, Muffwitch, The Beev, Leep-Dawg... Actually my memory's a bit foggy of who all was there...

A few key memories:

1. I let Jed borrow my Stanford sweatshirt because I had a Stanford hat. Then I couldn't find the Stanford hat, so I was limited to a cardinal colored terrycloth shirt as my way of showing my fandom.

2. As Kirk came out of the locker room with all the other mean looking players he looked up into the stands, saw all of us there and cracked a big smile.

3. With Stanford close to scoring they called a tackle eligible play and threw the ball to a wide open Kirk, but Trent Edwards (yeah...the same Trent Edwards you've heard of) threw it over his head. (It was probably a good thing, if Kirk had scored a touchdown we probably all would have been thrown out of the game and been arrested after we stormed the field, which WOULD HAVE happened).

4. Lil' Chams was on the field, and would yell stuff up to us occasionally such as something to the effect "C'mon, he's a lineman, he's not used to catching passes."

5. We had some awesome/funny dude behind us. Stanford fan, drunk as a skunk. I remember after the game and he and Jed had an argument as to which of them was the king. It went something like this:

Jed: (to drunk dude) Man, you're the king.

Guy: No man, YOU'RE the king!

Jed: No YOU'RE the KING!

It went on for another moment or two.

6. After Stanford was victorious, Kirk performed what was probably the first ever Lavell leap into the stands right where we were sitting. I almost knocked a woman over so I could smack his helmet and pads. Totally awesome.

After Stanford won it was like they had won the super bowl or something to us. Complete euphoria. Chambers had returned home and conquered.


  1. I wish I could have been there. . . and I had forgotten that they threw in a tackle eligible. How sweet that would have been!

  2. that dude was the king, not me. drunken idiot.

  3. that was so fun. I was there too, although I wish we could've been sitting with youguys. Our seats were really close to the field so we could see really well. I remember yelling "moose!" and all the people around giving me weird looks.

  4. How would think he was not the king...I hope that dude reads the blog and gets his story straight.