Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What not to do when the president is speaking...

Let's all give a big cheer to Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, for shouting 'YOU LIE!' at President Obama during his speech. You stay classy Rep. Wilson! Hopefully South Carolina will show HIM some love in 2010!

This is just annoying. Disagreeing is one thing, but shouting out during a national televised speech? Ridiculous. Show some respect fool! He's the president of the United States, not some dude running for student body president at your high school.

Is anyone else getting annoyed at the level of bile being spewed by people over this health care thing? For me it's simple, private insurance is too expensive and not available to too many Americans and something needs to be done. All this talk about killing Grandmas and socialism is nonsense. Republicans seem to be bowing down to health care companies and their lobby, and not giving enough consideration to the needs of American people.

Give me some health care congress. YES WE CAN!


  1. Not classy at all. He did apologize publicly almost immediately afterward, but as they say 'round here, that don't make it rait.

  2. What a snoob! But hey, why doesn't Duerden deserve the same respect as Obama?

    I do view this as a liberty issue so I understand some of the bile--even if a lot of it is overblown. Something needs to be done, but you already know I have different ideas about what form that should take. At any rate, it's still important to respect our president and the office--even if you vehemently disagree.

  3. Unfortunately one aspect of the health care debate will not be seeing ANY time on the senate floor.

    That aspect is the issue of malpractice lawsuits. Now you might ask yourself, why is malpractice of the table?

    Malpractice lawsuits w/ the associated malpractice insurance w/ the defensive medicine MDs have to practice to protect themselves from potential lawsuits, etc.; all drive up the cost of healthcare (insurance premiums included). So why wouldn't the ridiculous costs of medical malpractice get lumped into this whole health care debate.

    Answer: because the lobbyist for the malpractice lawyers give far more $$$ to congress than the health care industry has to spare concerning the matter.

    So perhaps the question should be...who's bending down to who?

    Along the lines of killing Grandma. No we won't be directly killing Grandma, but...

    That's a complete post in itself, if anyone wants to hear from my experiences, i'd be more than willing to share. If not, GO COUGS!

  4. An entertaining article from the wall street journal. Fun for all!

    The irony kills me!

  5. D'H: That was nice. Another winner is the WSJ editorial by Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods.

  6. Is the video not working for anyone else? I had to go find it on Youtube. Maybe the CNN embedded videos aren't compatible w/Firefox.

  7. Works for me. I'm running Firefox 3.5.3

  8. Tone: I agree with you 100 percent.