Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still Trying to Settle Down after Monumental BYU Victory

Alright, I've finally settled down enough after the BYU win to make a post.

For some great pics from the game go here.
To download or watch highlight videos of the game go here, here and here.
To donate your first born son to Bronco and the football program go here.

First, what's up with the BYU defense bringing the pain?!? The longest play from scrimmage for OU was 18 yards? What!?! Mitt Romney! My favorite defensive play was when safety Andrew Rich wrapped up the OU WR and then Jordan Pendleton (OLB) brought the pain and the fumble. Boom! Seriously, it's been since 1996 that the defense has looked this good. Goal line stands, corner backs making great open field tackles, pressure on the QB--I could watch it all day.

Second, I'm pleased the offense still pulled out the win even after spotting OU three turnovers and without Harvey Unga. We left 10 points on the field and still won.

So now that BYU is ranked #9 (what!) here's hoping for a trip to the BCS (and no crappy "realism" comments please--don't rain on this parade)!

Okay, rumor has it Duerden was at the game--rumor as in he told me. Not only that, he also attended the Miami game in 1990. Some guys get all the breaks. It's just not fair. I say Duerden has to buy tickets for everyone to go to the BCS game.

How's the reaction in Sooner nation? Watch this jolly dramatic presentation (a fine variation on the Hitler reaction theme):

Now if only I could watch all of the games. Curse you MWC television contract! (It wouldn't surprise me if wives of BYU football fans have been sending money to the Mountain to maintain the status quo.)


  1. It was a fun game to watch, my in-laws are in town, so Lesley was with her mom while I watched in my in-laws hotel room while my father in law napped. I was secretly very excited when Bradford went down. I had a lot of confidence when Hall was yelling "We're gonna win. We're GONNA WIN!" Running into the locker room at halftime.

    THIS ISN'T PARADE RAINING, just a warning not to JINX IT HOLMES. Nothing's gonna jinx the cougs faster than a bunch of folks out in the midwest screaming about the BCS. How many games are left in the season?

    Just to balance out the jinxing universe I think Holmes needs to write a 'BYU is overrated' column and start working the reverse-jinx. I've been totally reverse jinxing the Cougs since I found out they were playing Oklahoma last winter (you should of seen my Max Hall getting sacked was classic) In fact, I think I just may continue reverse-jinxing them. When they go to the BCS title game you can thank me.

  2. "When they go to the BCS title game you can thank me."

    You're going to have to reverse-jinx extra hard to make up for that one, Tony.

    Personally, I don't think BYU's going to win more than 5 in the MWC this year *WINK WINK* *pats self on back*

  3. 5 wins! 5 wins! Benson, you're crazy! The # of BYU wins will be directly proportional to the # of games I can watch on my tv here in Nebraska. Currently that's ~3, maybe 4! DAMN YOU COX CABLE!!! AND MWC!!!

    Fortunately for me I can watch every Husker game @ $29.95 per game pay per view.

    Guess i'll be spending my Saturdays huddled around my computer listening to the online KSL broadcast.

    Mmmm, Greg Wrubell's sweet sweet voice!


  4. You're right Matt. 5 wins is one or two too many for this sorry group of choir boys *NUDGE NUDGE*.

    The worst part of the Mountain is that it's too obscure for BYU games to even show up on any of your various TV streaming websites. I'll be huddled around the KSL broadcast, too. fml

  5. Sorry fools. Nuzzled in the sweet sweet bosom of Provo I can all the games. All of them. Everyone.

    I COULD have even gone to a few if my Dad had got me a seat this year (Lousy parents, cut you loose as soon as you're 30.) So What if I DID only go to one game every year for the last three years and probably would've only gone to one this year? I got stuff going on! Illegal stuff.

  6. And I'm thinking after the wheels go off during this Tulane game that the cougs MAY...MAY I tell able to take down SDSU and possibly Wyoming, but that's optimistic AT BEST! (