Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moose Appreciation Day Report

Moose Appreciation Day 2009 took place in Kansas City where the Bills defeated the Chiefs. The theme for the trip: What!?!, What!?! (Picture this said by Tony, decked out in Bills gear, as he approaches a group of Chiefs fans.)

Saturday night we had the honor of being Moose's posse and going for barbeque at Jack What's His Face. During dinner I learned that these fellows have been holding back. See it turns out a lot of them have been reading interesting books and watching great films without sharing with their friends. I hereby censure all of you for not posting said cool stuff on The Provonian. After dinner we dropped Moose back at his hotel and went out to feast on the cinematic ambrosia that is 2012. Fortunately, the attendance was sparse so we could audibly mock the over-the-top action sequences and crappy plot/writing. Ahh! I'm flying through a chasm and a subway train just went over my head!!!!

Here's one view inside Arrowhead with the back of D'Haenans' head. Jed took A LOT of pictures with his professional camera and hopefully some of those will surface.

Moose and the O-line take the field for warm ups (Kirk=#73). Whoa, my friend is actually playing in the NFL--with T.O.!!!!! Moose started and played every offensive series. He made the fellas proud.

After the game we all went around the back of the stadium to the buses. Since Kevin is family we all got to go in and hang out with Kirk. After high-fiving Fred Jackson, TO and Marshawn Lynch we posed for this glorious, and likely historically significant, group photo.

After the game it was pizza at Minsky's (dang good pizza I might add) and then I had to scoot back home since I was teaching a class the next morning. Any subsequent exploits will have to be chronicled by others. It was really fun to get together with a fine group of guys most of whom I've known since early elementary school.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sweet Land

Has anyone else seen this film? I loved it. It seems like something Brandie would like since he's into Minnesota. (Pastor Inqvist anyone?)

Things to like about this film:
1. A good period piece (for my non-discriminating tastes). I like the early 20th century farming. Super hard work but so appealing to me for some reason.

2. It's a quiet, understated love story. The lead couple overcome challenges and make their marriage work. Some things I find admirable about their relationship and consider good ingredients for most marriages: being poor together in their early marriage, avoiding sexual relations until they are married, and overcoming cultural differences to forge their own family culture.

3. I like the supporting actors and the soundtrack.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Check Out This Weak Dodge

I was entertained by this bit on NPR the other day. Scott Simon asked Maria Otero, Undersecretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, how it is possible to reach CO2 emissions targets (80% reduction in 40 years) without embracing nuclear energy. She completely dodges the question. Give it a listen or read the transcript on the link. He repeats the question two more times but is unable to squeeze a direct answer out of her as she keeps spouting environmentally friendly buzz words. The administration needs to put up or shut up. If carbon emissions are going to destroy the planet then it is intellectually dishonest to not make a major push for nuclear energy--even if it means offending some of your environmentalist supporters. Wind, solar and energy efficiency alone will not get it done. Period. The enlightened French have embraced nuclear in a big way and you won't convince me that Americans care about the environment more than Europeans. Oh, and props to NPR for actually asking tough questions.