Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moose Appreciation Day Report

Moose Appreciation Day 2009 took place in Kansas City where the Bills defeated the Chiefs. The theme for the trip: What!?!, What!?! (Picture this said by Tony, decked out in Bills gear, as he approaches a group of Chiefs fans.)

Saturday night we had the honor of being Moose's posse and going for barbeque at Jack What's His Face. During dinner I learned that these fellows have been holding back. See it turns out a lot of them have been reading interesting books and watching great films without sharing with their friends. I hereby censure all of you for not posting said cool stuff on The Provonian. After dinner we dropped Moose back at his hotel and went out to feast on the cinematic ambrosia that is 2012. Fortunately, the attendance was sparse so we could audibly mock the over-the-top action sequences and crappy plot/writing. Ahh! I'm flying through a chasm and a subway train just went over my head!!!!

Here's one view inside Arrowhead with the back of D'Haenans' head. Jed took A LOT of pictures with his professional camera and hopefully some of those will surface.

Moose and the O-line take the field for warm ups (Kirk=#73). Whoa, my friend is actually playing in the NFL--with T.O.!!!!! Moose started and played every offensive series. He made the fellas proud.

After the game we all went around the back of the stadium to the buses. Since Kevin is family we all got to go in and hang out with Kirk. After high-fiving Fred Jackson, TO and Marshawn Lynch we posed for this glorious, and likely historically significant, group photo.

After the game it was pizza at Minsky's (dang good pizza I might add) and then I had to scoot back home since I was teaching a class the next morning. Any subsequent exploits will have to be chronicled by others. It was really fun to get together with a fine group of guys most of whom I've known since early elementary school.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of people together for Moose Appreciation Day! How much was the cost for this here excursion? NFL Tix + R/T flight to KC + food + hotel...$1000-1500? Or am I way off here?

    That's a beast of a beard Kirk is sporting these days.

  2. Tickets were 55, hotel ended up being about 15 a night. I didn't have to fly so after meals my costs probably came out to 200-300.

  3. So fun. Wish that would've gone down while we were still living in KC. Such a great place. Minsky's is delicious.

  4. I don't like to talk costs of things in polite company (and on blogs) but 1000 is WAY too high. I'll say no more.

    The great part about me pretending to scream 'WHAT!?! WHAT!?!' at Chiefs fans is that some crazy Buffalo fan actually WAS doing that after the game.

    One more note here, NFL players are big. Like, all of them. And some of them grow huge cool beards.

  5. Hey Guys! Sometimes I wonder if you even remember me, but I had to speak up and say that the sight of all you boys together seriously made my heart happy! You guys are awesome.

    (And thanks for being nice to the new girl all those years ago at PHS.)

    Sara Soelberg Soelberg

  6. Best Weekend of Dudes ever!!! Most late night oreos consumed ever!!! 2012, worst movie of all time!!!

  7. My favorite part of the trip was when Jed got us all together for morning scripture study before the game. We all shared spiritual thoughts (all except Duerden). And if that wasn't enough Holmes lead us in a rousing chorus of "Joshua Fit' the Battle at Jericho" as Kirk was taking the field. Never will I forget these larger then life moments.

    I have lots of friends. I love my friends.

  8. it's never been easy to get mat to participate in 'churchy' things.

  9. Dude it's Sara SORENSON Soelberg, correct! Of course I remember you and I'm certain these other blokes do as well. It's good to see that some old friends have found this little corner of the intertubes.

  10. Thanks Rob. I didn't even catch my mistake. Ha.

    And once we saw Kirk play the Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium. So I can attest to Kirk's awesomeness.

    Sara Sorensen Sorensen

  11. I can only imagine the raucous created with this particular group of men. I might have even paid to see it. Or come to commiserate with Marilyn.

    Good for you.