Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29 September, y'all

Here's to Tone. May you live a thousand years.

The following photo essay is my gift to you: it represents the top image results under the Google search for nubbins. I was pleased with how well they matched the unique sensibilities of our aging friend.

Apologies to all who don't get the nubbins joke, but I'm not going to bother explaining it here. Tony gets it.


  1. happy b-day Tony even though I don't get the joke!!!

  2. Thanks Jed. I'm both touched and honored. That's right... I'm houched.

    I still remember when Rob first nubbinsed me. Looking up at me with a weird face as his head was pressed against my chest. Really weirded me out. Weirded me out good.

    Good times...great oldies.

  3. seems like it was holmes who achieved the top honors in nubbins. i know he hit webbsling all the time, but didn't he get some biggies like clark barron?

  4. Hey happy 31 Tone! It's great to have you as a friend.

    Hmmm, I never got Webb. That was actually Jarvis! Jarvis of all people! And I think somebody has photographic evidence.

    Clark Barron! If I got Barron that would be awesome, but my memory grows dim . . .

  5. Okay the full story on Jarvis. It was my junior year and we were up in Northern Utah looking at Sage Grouse for zoology. It must have been early spring since we were watching the mating strut that the sage grouse does. This was when the nubbins was really in. I would have never dared to do it but for whatever reason Karl had the nerve. After we were done and getting ready to load up the van to head back to Provo Karl sneaked right up and did it causing Mr. Webb to exclaim, "What the hell . . ." I can't remember who caught it with their camera. It was probably Jordan Harmon.

  6. I hate those dirty nubbinnses. Gave me nightmares, they did.

    Happy birthday, Tony.

  7. Ah yes...Happy Bday Tone. The good old provonian just makes my dad sometime. I had forgotten the infamous Jarvis/Webb nubbins and reading about it again made me laugh out loud which drew a strange look from some dude passing my office.

    And Tony may you have a great day and do things that are cool and rad...crad. Or awesome and creative...creawesome. Or Rob and Taliatha...Taliabert/Robliatha.

  8. Sorry I'm late Tone. This guy...I don't like this guy.

    1. a small lump or stunted piece; stub.
    2. a small or imperfect ear of corn.
    3. an undeveloped fruit.

    Tony is definitely not an undeveloped fruitcake. (say in a Russian accent) O.K. you de boss, happy birthday Kobe Bryant.