Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Soccer Hooligans

In the Spring of '97 all of us fresh faced PHS lads went to the Provo VS Timpview soccer game at Timpview's field. We didn't intend on getting in a big brawl with Timpview fans, players and coaches...and well...we didn't...BUT we could have if Kirk didn't scare them all away. I'll explain.

So the soccer games at Timpview were on this shoddy little field by the school. We were REALLY close to the benches and the players, so all of our taunts, jibes, and insults could be clearly heard by both teams. I seem to remember just yelling the usual obnoxious stuff. You know, the same silly/stupid crap we yelled all the time, nothing too offensive or insulting, just mainly silly, harmless, annoying stuff. The goalkeeper's name was Quinn, and we enjoyed taunting him so much during basketball season, that we kept it up during the soccer game.

That all changed when Ollerton got maliciously tripped by one of the Timpview players. Then we stopped being silly and started getting... I don't know... maybe threatening's the word? I remember Mikey yelling extremely loud "Don't you realized, I'm from Provo High! I've got a gun!" or something like that. We all yelled and hissed and booed and made spectacles of ourselves.

I believe the final score was 2-1 Timpview. As the final whistle blew the coach for the T-wussies turned around, looked right at us and said "yeah!" and then gestured to us, as if to say "Come on, you wanna fight me!" He might have even yelled "C'mon!" to us, but my memories a bit hazy.

His whole attitude changed when Kirk stood up to take on his offer. Upon seeing Kirk he quickly turned around and busied himself, pretending not to have ever seen us. I guess I wouldn't want to tangle with a 6' 7'', 300 pound kid either.

I wonder how many times Kirk got us out of scrapes where we were obnoxious, but nobody would mess with us because Kirk was so intimidating. I know he kept us from jumping into the fray that day.


  1. i wasn't at this game, but i don't remember any sporting event where i yelled any silly/stupid, annoying, harmless crap. all of my insults rained down on our opponents (specially quinn) like a shower of nails and razor blades.

  2. I actually remember taunting quinn at the basketball game with obtuse jabs yelled at the top of my lungs like "Hey Quinn I'm your friend!" I think or goal wasn't to rile him up but more to distract and confuse him. It was an advanced tactic. Then we realized his parents were sitting two rows in front of us and then everyone was uncomfortable.

  3. true, the discomfort was felt acutely on my part as i used to sleep over at quinn's house in elementary school. his mom looked at me with a mix of recognition and real fury.

  4. Yes, it was all fun and games until family members were close by, great idea putting the visiting students next to the parents...

    I love that waltz was WAY more antagonistic when he figured out there were family members close. Waltz was one of those soft spoken, kind hearted fellows, who you'd want with you in a scrap. He could tear the face off of a wild raccoon.

  5. That's right. Most of us kind of shut up when the relatives started sending crusties back our way, but not good old Waltz.

  6. In response to Moose protection. I remember playing East in Soccer and a bunch of the East football players stood behind the goal and were jeering me as the keeper. 20 min into the game I noticed moose and he came down and stood by the goal. I didn't hear another word the whole game. I also remember a state soccer game where Ross Story socked a guy in the face at west high of all places I remember after the game Moose graciously escorted me through the West high soccer hooligans. ahhh good times.

  7. Hey what about the time Moose stared down the stoner bullies in the PHS cafeteria who were picking on some scrawny freshman. Moose just stood quietly behind the stoners until they realized he was there and then the slinked away.