Friday, September 11, 2009


Holmes was right I did get to go to the Oklahoma game and it was awesome. A friend of ours who works for A&M got some tickets so a group of us went up and had a great time at the game. Our seats were on OU's 5 yard line about 16 rows up (close enough to see Jerry Jones schmoozing with other big wigs before the game). Anyways, National Championship Game tickets are on me as long as you don't mind being transported into the stadium inside of industrial size bags of nacho chips, it's totally legit don't worry.


  1. Sweet. Did you say hi to Bronco for me? I heard he was looking at some of my film. In the first photo the guy third from the left looks sort of familiar. Maybe we overlapped at BYU or something.

  2. So that's what the good life looks like.

  3. He's one of your fellow corn researchers. He's just finishing his PhD here on corn genetics.