Saturday, September 19, 2009

Which one of you jinxed us?

It must have been one of you! It couldn't have been because FSU was actually THAT much better than us. It must have been because one of YOU did something wrong!

We ALL know that as fans what we DO and SAY, whether on purpose or accident, can either bring good luck to our team (hats, shirts, sayings, rituals, dances, peeing on stuff, etc.) or can JINX our team (bragging about the BCS before the third game starts, mocking the other team a little too much, talking trash, getting 'Max Hall 2010 Heisman Winner' shirts, etc.) And I just wanna know which of you fools went and jinxed us?

What? You say it's me? All my talk of reverse jinxing may have actually REVERSED the reversed jinx? But...but...

Come to think of it... instead of showing off how Max Hall was going to get crushed (a classic reverse jinx move) I was doing how the Florida State guy was going to get smashed at work today...that probably didn't help much.

I also saw a movie with Lesley instead of watching the game (not going to lie, I regret NOTHING!) "(500) days of Summer." really good. Too quirky? Ehh ...but really enjoyable. It deserves a post all its own.

So faithful friends and readers...alas. Don't blame Bronco, Hall, the team, Bobby Bowden, or the media for the loss. You can blame me, and know that in my heart of hearts... I blame all of you.


  1. Ah yewt! Luckily I couldn't watch the game due to stake conference. Now that was a blessing.

  2. Tony, I thought your reverse jinxing was going to work. Honestly. But now I blame it on you. Just for fun.
    I wish I would've missed the game. Instead we had friends over for a viewing party. We just ended up depressed and LAME.

  3. When in doubt that's a good option.