Friday, October 9, 2009

What the Peace Prize?

Love Obama or not, you (and Moose) will enjoy this take on his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.


  1. The Nobel Peace Prize might be one of the most prestigious awards one can be awarded. That fact that Obama got it is pretty staggering. I think it's a bit early in his presidency (as lampooned by this clip) for these kinds of awards, and yet, he was seen to be suitable by those who give the award away.

    My favorite aspect of today was going to fox news and seeing how they handled it.

    The headline read:

    "Obama's Prize Premature? Obama follows in footsteps of former presidents Wilson, Roosevelt with Nobel Peace Prize — but historians say his win is an 'embarrassment' to the process."

    High comedy. I'm guessing this 'historian' is fairly politically biased... but perhaps that goes without saying.