Friday, October 2, 2009

Moose Appreciation Day (12/13/09)

For all who are interested:

Tailgating begins: when I get home from work (12/12/09)
Caravan leaves for Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium: 6 am sharp!
Kick off: 12 pm

Flights now available to Omaha, NE
Accommodations: My house is open*

*1st to confirm gets the downstairs futon, 2nd can share the futon with the first. All the rest get to share the plush carpet.


  1. Please don't tempt me this much is a plane ticket to Kansas City?

  2. Are you serious? If this is serious I can get some cheepy rooms for people at area Marriotts. I'm not kidding. Dirt cheap rooms. Could anybody REALLY do this? REALLY? Someone say yes.

  3. umm... how cheap we talking?

  4. You can fly in to Kansas city or you can fly into Omaha.

    If you fly to Omaha, I can pick you up from the airport. We can tailgate all night saturday. You can stay at my place (my place is cheap) or a local Marriott. (there's one up the street).

    We can get a big party van and all go to the game together.

    I'll be at Arrowhead on 12/13. The only question that remains is will you?

  5. I found flights for $230 on Delta. Anybody find anything cheaper?

  6. for anyone who's chuckling about the possibility of this happening, it's getting serious. if you want in, make your voice heard.

  7. I want in. My company will pay for a Marriott room for anyone that wants to join me and provide a generous budget for tailgating.

    Gotta love the company dime.


  8. I'll take care of the van rental.