Thursday, October 1, 2009

At Home with Kirk

Fans will be surprised to learn that Kirk has a passion for seasonal decorating. While Marilyn is away this weekend, the home will be transformed into an autumn paradise.

"This place is gonna look like a country hollow. I've strung 100 yards of autumn-leaf garland for doorways and other surfaces." Kirk has also gathered nearly twenty pounds of acorns that will be painted gold and placed in a pretty basket to "liven up the credenza," he says.

When asked how Marilyn will respond, Kirk replies, "she loves when I do this kind of stuff!"

Kirk is already making plans for the Christmas season: "I'd like to try flocking some magnolia branches."

These fans can hardly wait!


  1. we hired moose a couple seasons back to lend his special touch to our fall look. we were left breathless.

    that was the season he was between teams and now that he's been signed again, my wife is really bummed.

  2. I can totally see moose on HGTV after he retires.