Friday, October 2, 2009

Moose Changed my Life

In my never ending quest to post high quality Moose related content on this Moose Fan Website I decided to conduct a little experiment. I bought banner ad space on a variety of very popular websites that simply said "If Moose Changed Your Life Click Here". Respondents were then invited to share their stories. Here's just a sampling on the responses.

Chuck, KY: Yes

Stanley, PA: Moose sent me a signed 8x10 glossy and that made me think, "Stanley, Moose thinks you're a great guy." After that my whole life just turned around.

Patrick, NV: Moose saved my family from a fire in our home and gave me $5 bucks to help restart my life.

Anonymous, ?: Moose taught me that it wasn't nice to throw water balloons at people going to the PHS Valentines dance.

Gilbert, CO: How do I win the free I-Phone?

Hans, Germany: Der Moose ist super prima! Er hat mir geholfen meinen Alkoholismus zu uberwinden.

I could go on and on as I received almost 456,000 responses before the server crashed but these responses just go to show the overwhelming public appreciation of Moose!


  1. Moose changed my life by totally eating hot dogs at Reams. I mean...check him out! He's EATING THOSE HOT DOGS! He's awesome.

  2. Look dude! He just eats the whole hot dog! LOOK AT MOOSE!!!!!