Friday, February 6, 2009

Who still rocks? Guido still rocks.

Last night, while you were all abed and the whos were still asnooze, Guido was bringing the rock to Salt Lake City. You have to admire the dude for running down the dream.

Wait, wait. Who still rocks? This old dude is at a show at midnight. He still rocks.


  1. It Burns! It Burns! You the man, guido.

  2. There's a funny image problem with BOB. They're a rock band, but Guido just...sort of looks like a dude. A dude I go to priesthood with.

    I wonder how they can amp up their 'rock' image without becoming campy, or would becoming campy be a good thing.

    But BOB is a ton of fun live. That dude in the front row had the right idea. Cool pics Jed!

  3. Biting off chicken heads + chicks + contraband material = increased 'rock' image

    Worked for 'Zeppelin', but what do I know.

  4. bentley and i were discussing this image issue, and we think they should wear sears sucker suits. we think that's just enough geek and f-you to put them over.