Monday, February 23, 2009

I gotta get some things off my chest...

I've got some more guilty pleasures to confess, the guilt of liking the following items is far too great, and I need some relief.

1. McDonald's

I hadn't eaten at Mickey D's in a REALLY long time, I'm thinking other than the very rare Egg McMuffin it had been years. Well the McDonald's in South Provo has recently remodeled and has become, in my estimation, the nicest McDonald's, perhaps on planet earth.

Well for a lark, we went there for breakfast one rare Saturday morning when I wasn't working, and took At-at to the play area while we had breakfast. Atti had a good time, and I was impressed, not with the food, but with the orange juice. The OJ was outstanding. I even got seconds.

So what happens? Other than Atti wanting to go there like ALL THE TIME (she calls it 'old McDonald's, which slays me) I find it's become my go to when I have little time and am hungry. Carl's Jr? Wendy's? BK? I have no desire for any of them. It's been all 1/4 pounders, southern chicken sandwiches and/or Mcnuggets with OJ. I wish I was drawn to Subway like Jed because at least they've got a few 'healthy' options, I've even read 'Fast Food Nation' and seen 'super size me', I don't care. I still want Mickey D's. Either this fad will pass out of my life, I'll gain 250 pounds, or I'll have a heart attack. I'm hoping for the first.

2. Watching 80's videos on youtube.

I get giddy watching these things. It's unhealthy, like eating ice cream for breakfast, but I can't stop. Rather than list them, I'll just link a as to not ruin the surprise. These are all kid appropriate, at least I think so, the little ones don't have to leave the room.


TWO personal favorite.


When I see these videos I'm eight years old watching MTV with my sister again. The nostalgia level is high enough that my eyes start to water. Ridiculous. All of them, I should be ashamed.

Hope you all like them even 1/10th as much as I do.


  1. "Healthy" of course is a relative term. You can pound down just as many bad calories at Subway as you can at McD's. I'm a glutton for a good Six Dollar Burger, maybe a Whopper, but I just can't get into McD's for anything other than breakfast.

  2. When it comes to fast food, I'll go to Wendy's any day of the week. Two Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. Two bucks.

    Love those videos, Tone. And now I have a soft spot in my heart for the singer of Tears for Fears because, just like me, he has super long rabbit teeth in the front.

  3. Here's a couple of my favorites from the 80's as well:


    and here

  4. I always am impressed by how much that sculpture doesn't look like LR.

    And wham, I don't see how anyone could question George Micheal's homosexuality. I remember watching that video as a child and being confused at how low that girls voice was while my brother and sister and I danced in our family room.

  5. My favorite fast food is a place called Cook Out that was in North Carolina. I hope that franchise takes over the country.