Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some advice from one who loves you all

I've noticed an irritating trend lately.

A trend to list 25 random (or should we say stupid?) things about yourself on a blog or facebook page.

Take some advice from me, your old pal Tone. Don't do the list.

If you've done it already, it's okay, there are worse things that you might have done, like smoke pot and let someone take a photo of you, or take steroids from 2001-2004. We forgive you.

If you do get 'tagged' to do a list like this you have my permission to make up the 25 things. Make them 25 lies. Here is an example.

1. I poop soft serve ice cream.

See, and you all thought lying was hard, or did you think lying was bad? Turns out sometimes it's neither.

I feel better now that we've had this talk.


  1. Dude, I know! What's up with everyone and their dog doing 25 random things. I'm getting bored reading them. I've renamed it, 25 random things to try and make me look cooler. One more reason for someone to brag about themselves. Blurg.

  2. dudes, the soft serve isn't a lie. he did it for me once when i was having a really bad day. it doesn't taste great but it's pretty cool.

  3. ^^^^
    I...I don't...I'm scared.

  4. Carrie, nice usage of the word blurg. Anytime 30 rockisms sneak into everyday it completely blows my mind-grapes.

    And Carrie makes a good point, it is sort of a 'look at the idiosyncrasies that make me so cool' aspect of it that turn me off. Let me just SEE how cool you are, don't tell me about it.

  5. best laugh I've had in a while thanks Tone. You must be related to frozen yogurt boy...

  6. 1. I Rob
    2. I cool
    3. I unique
    4. I different
    5. You laugh
    6. Hey Moose
    7. Shut up
    8. Okay
    9. Good night