Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's a Millionare Swimmer to do?

Surely you've all been subjected to this picture, and probably have heard a million different opinions on the subject. This is superstar swimmer dude Mike Phelps blowing up a balloon...

Hey, wait a sec, is that a bong? (I love it when they call it a 'pipe' on news shows, like 'bong' is a dirty word or something).

Now here's the real question, who cares that this guy is smoking pot in this picture? Seriously?

And another thing, how did this genius let someone take his picture while he was smoking pot?

Dude: Hey Mike, wanna hang out?

Mike: Whatever dude...

Dude: Whoa...sweet, you smoking pot?

Mike: (lighting up) Huh...wha?

Dude:(snapping picture) All right! This will pay off my student loans!

Really, when you're a global sports icon doesn't it occur to you NOT to smoke pot when some dude with a camera is IN THE SAME ROOM WITH YOU? This kills me. I know his parents were super mad, not really that he was smoking, but that he let some jerk photograph him WHILE he was smoking.

Here's my point, I'm not surprised at all that he's doing this, he's a millionaire 23 year old, and I hear from the kids around the HFAC that 23 year old millionaire's love pot. It's common knowledge.

But it really is shocking 1) that he let the picture be taken without grabbing the person who took it, destroying their camera and giving them the' go clean yourself up' barrage of 100 dollar bills, and 2) that everyone is making a such a big deal about this. He gets suspended 3 months, he loses the Kellogg's contract (who were probably looking to cut him lose anyway, he's sort of 15 minutes ago), really with all the cheating going on in the MLB (A-Rod, who saw that coming?) and the bleak economic forecast who cares that little Mike Phelps is taking a hit from the bong? The kids who 'look up to him'? Give me a break, if they're disappointed it's a GREAT chance for their parents to let their kids in on a little secret. That most pro athletes, while they're super good at sports, are human beings and do stupid things. Look up to them for their accomplishments in their sport, and learn from their terrible choices away from it.

Frankly, I'd be happy if I didn't hear about this guy again until 2012, and even then maybe a little soon.


  1. i'm with you on this one T. we were talking with friends last night who are just disgusted by phelp's actions, bemoaning the lack of good role models these days. and i couldn't help but think that this is the same michael phelps that we loved last summer. the very same dude. this time we just caught a glimpse of his human side. besides, is pot even bad anymore? don't celebrities talk about it like beer these days? seems like everyone on letterman's couch has some great pot story, and audiences cheer at the very mention of it. and no one is decrying their celebrity status because they like the weed.

    now it sounds like i'm defending weed and beer. i'm not. i'm not even defending phelps. i am sort of annoyed by the public's need for drama. they thrive on it like so many vapors sucked out of a glass tube.

    by the way, did you see weekend update's "oh really?" segment on saturday? classic. and then did you see meyers rip off conan's joke about the klingon (sp?) that's robbing convenience stores in kansas? not classic.

  2. I saw the skit online about an hour after I wrote the post last night, those 'really' segments are great, I remember the one when Michael Vick got caught bringing pot onto a plane. Great stuff.