Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Got Chan?

I had a random Simpson's memory at school today about the I'm an Amendment to Be song...I couldn't almost hear Benson laughing in the background. For some reason this led to a variety of great Jackie Chan memories and associated brawls while watching Chan movies. Was it Brandie's bachelors party where the giant dog pile occurred at the end of the Chan party? Here's a little collection of Chan stunts, the commentary is pretty awful but it's a good count down of some sweet stuff. Enjoy


  1. Sweet.

    I remember Guido's bachelor party where we watched a sub-par Chan movie (miracles was it?) where we were a bit bored the whole time and at the end we had a dog pile because of the happy ending.

    I remember watching 'Supercop' in Jed's basement and having my MIND blown, having it blown AGAIN when we watched 'Drunken Master' during the ax gang moment, and having it blown a THIRD TIME when we watch 'Rumble in the Bronx' directly after we hammered West in the basketball playoffs. Good times, great oldies.

  2. oh man, yes. police story. that bus scene is written across my brain. chan deserves and honorary oscar for that little-appreciated film. we ooh and ahh when brad pitt has to sit for hours in make up, but what do we give a guy who is willing to kill himself for a shot?

  3. I never had a batchelor party. What's up with that, fellas? Just because you're all on your missions you can't throw me a batchelor party?

    But I do recall getting into many heated arguments during poker night about how much Jacky Chan would get wasted by Bruce Lee, and how those arguments ususally ended by be beating the crap out of Wells and Holmes.

  4. since when did i get tossed into the pool of bony, defenseless nerds that got beat up at manly events?

    and while it's out there again: lee never stood a chance against chan.

  5. you got tossed in there every time you tried to defend the inferior (but funnier) Chan's honor and talent with the use of your own pathetic muscles.

    I mean, come on Wells, Bruce Lee was so awesome, the guy could die mid film and they shoot the rest of it just using a cardboard cutout of the dude. When could a piece of cardboard stand in for Jackie Chan, huh? Wait a second...

  6. you win, arnold. i am disarmed by your crafty logic.