Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Explanation on the Sounds you are Hearing.

After sorting through blogs, some listed to the right of this post and some not listed, I've come to the conclusion that it's cool to have music associated with a blog. This conclusion is based on:

1. I like listening to music, and hearing new stuff, or stuff that's new to me, is exciting.

2. This music can be shut off, or turned down and controlled by the reader, so if you want to click on a video clip the two won't compete, or if you just don't want to listen to

3. I've been eager to share some music with yous guys and this seemed a good way.

Frankly, J-dub and Brand-X would both be better suited to make a playlist, with their keen eyes and ears, so this first list features some songs and bands that they've introduced me to, or that they've mentioned liking, as well as some of my favs that aren't as well known.

I'm planning of changing the list up occasionally, and frankly if someone else want to make their own and replace this one that's all right by me.



  1. Hey Tone,

    For suggestions on the playlist, do you want mp3s emailed to you or are you getting these online somewhere?

    Also, I'm not hearing anything playing. Do you click on something to make it go?

  2. It should just start playing. Lousy! The player is underneath the RSC picture if you want to fiddle with it.

    Just email me some songs titles. I think changing the list every few weeks would be enough, and would love to hear about some new tunes.

  3. The playlist works fine for me. Sounds good. The only nit-pick I have for it is that it stops whenever you navigate within the blog--probably nothing to be done about that.

  4. I love March. What with all the flowers and trees and crap? Also, in sports, I for some reason love me some March madness, and of course the MLS season starts. Most excitingly, however, is the South by Southwest music festival.

    I've never been, but I frequent their website that they put up every year and peruse bands you've never heard of from places like Norway and Lubbock. This year they have a player that runs through their lineup. Usually the sample songs are only available for download for a few weeks before, during and after the festival. I usually find at least one or two bands that make it into my library.

    Ooh, I'm listening to one now that's like a surfer rock/flamenco band from Madrid. Awesome.