Monday, March 31, 2008

Gems from the Pens of Students (Part 1)

In honor of his retirement at the end of this semester my Dad sent out his collection of Gems from the Pens of Students. This is an exhaustive collection of great sentences from history term papers and exams. Because there are so many I will share some of the highlights in several installments. Enjoy!

His decline reached its height when his mother died.

In general, Peru was a peaceful country with people that were into each other.

Suicide was viewed as an even greater evil than getting married.

Peasant villages could contain a number of people or they could be a collection of hovels.

History in the past has become a very dull and boring subject to read about due to the materials being published in the past 20 years.

But no matter which way history is defined, it is history.

As children were served as an economic elements, procreation was fertile among the society.

I contribute the mundane and violent quality of life to the general subsistence of the people.

Peasants had no opportunities to build up their immune systems making it easier to be susceptible to disease.

They opened fire and riddled him with bullets. He had been shot.

He supported marriage for people who had participated in consummation as early as age seven.

Hygiene became important with the development of time.

As patriarchal controls relaxed, sexual freedom was explanded, shown by a sharp rise in prenuptial marriages and illegitimate children.

A clan can exist independantly of its members.

Mothers anticipated childbirth with much anticipation.

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  1. Didn't Blair retire like, 1,000 years ago?

    I don't know, maybe when I'm a prof. and sitting back teaching the same classes I've taught 8700 times having my TA doing all the grading while I watch projects through glassy eyes waiting for the end of the semester to go on vacations with my wife while my kids are grown...maybe I'll stick around for a while as well. You can't retire 5 minutes without the bishop sniffing around with that pesky mission business.

    Wow, with Blair gone they'll be some young blood in the History department. Shaking things up. You know, I've never taken a class from the history department. Not one, and I'm proud of it.