Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Jazz on PTI? Wha...?

In case you missed it a refreshingly articulate Carlos Boozer was on PTI on Tuesday. Is PTI the best sports show on TV? I'm gonna say yes. Do I watch it whenever I can? Again a yes. Would I murder someone for a job at PTI? Well...that's a toughy...but I'm gonna say yes.

If you're not paying attention, the Jazz are right in the mix of a historically good Western Conference right now. But with all the blockbuster trades going down they're still the 'sleeper' in the conference. I myself have ticks to the Laker game on March 27th. If you read a report that a crazed Kobe Bryant charged the stands and tried to assault an annoying fan that night, rest assured he was wearied to madness by my incessant boos and jeers.


  1. Carlos Boozer takes a bath every day.

  2. PTI rocked my world--too bad I don't have cable no more. We had free cable when we lived in the married student housing at NCSU--but that was long ago.