Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Draft Padeken

We all know The Provonian is cool. But how cool would it be if Mikey actually commented or, dare we hope, posted on this fine blog? Of course, there are other members of our community who are MIA (Ollerton, Sanderson, Brandie of late, Guido, Brims, Naoto, Cloak Boy), but let's take our battles one at a time. What can we do to recruit this incredible talent to The Provonian?

Flattery? Sorry, I already tried it here.

Bribery? Perhaps, but Mikey has never seemed materialistic.

Guilt? This might work. "Why don't you ever visit the blog? I thought you were my friend." Or appeal to his sense of duty. "You were once proud to be a member of a fine acting troupe. Have you no sense of duty? Have you no esprit de corps?" This is good because it mixes nostalgia and guilt.

Threats and insults? No, he's too unflappable. He could take any of us in a fight anyway (maybe it's a toss up with Moose).

Gentle persuasion, long-suffering and love unfeigned? Perhaps a campaign of imploring emails could tip the balance.

The floor is yours. What shall we do?

P.S. I just emailed this post to Padeken.


  1. I recently went to the Nickelcade with Mikey, and he said he regretted not posting, or emailing more often, but alas, he just gets busy and forgets, but Camille apparently has read the post and has mentioned to him that it may not be a bad idea for him to post at some point...

    But Mikey has just finished a short film for the 4th graders that was a lot of fun. He said he was going to put it on youtube. Once he does if we implore him to post it on the site, and then give him tons of good feedback, he'll be hooked. Let's get this thing rolling.

  2. Glad to see that Cloak Boy made it to RSC status.

  3. Yeah, most people don't remember him since he was just in some of our early Green Show work.