Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank You

I have to give some props especially to Rob for getting this blog going and to all others who contribute. I admit I haven't been the most faithful blogger (isn't weird how the Internet has led to the development of new words, if I had told someone I was or was not a faithful blogger 20 years ago what would they have thought? Anyways...), I have good intentions but I never get around to writing amidst the craziness that is life right now.

That being said I do frequent the blog quite often and always provides me with a very refreshing and needed break. Case in point, I just got out of three hour class on racism. This class is INTENSE. Right now I'm not sure if I'm depressed, optimistic, angry or racist. I'm pretty sure I'm not racist but I'm white and that's strike one. Anyways, I got back to my office in this intellectual depression and decided to check out the good old provonian blog. Suddenly I'm reading this amazing post about gayness and learning about noodling (Kirk recommended this movie to me before so now I've really got to check it out, and if you're looking for a good documentary consider King of Kong, good stuff). It's good stuff.

The enjoyment of this blog has a lot to do with nostalgia for me. I'm not talking just about old memories, though I have to admit the blog's good for that too. I haven't thought of bizzing behind the Omni in awhile. It's more so that it feels a little like we're all hanging out again when I read y'alls' (Texas influence creeping into my life, I'm sure Aaron knows what I mean. He's probably wearing a bolo tie and wranglers as he reads this) posts and comments. Although now we mainly "hang out" on the Internet, reading the blog in a way is like staying up late at Cinnamon Hole talking about dating (mainly the lack there of) frustrations, or tackling people in the commons at PHS, or making pop can suits for the BYU football game. It's just good for the soul to have a little comradery with y'all now and then, so thanks.


  1. Wow, that class sounds sweet. After discussions like it seems like EVERYONE is racist. That's the beauty of cultural theory, everybody loses.

    And I think that's problematic. Raising awareness is one thing, and bringing up equality is another, but posing impossible answers to difficult questions, or accusing people in the majority JUST because you're in the majority is frustrating. I think equality is EXTREMELY important, but I don't like the finger pointed at me just because of MY gender and race.

    And hey, I like this blog too. Way to go Holmes!

    Now if we just could get Padeken on board...

  2. Race sure is a toughie. I thought Obama did a good job explaining where we are as a country, even if I part paths with him when he starts talking about how he would solve it. He gave a good speech and I feel like I understand the black community better.

    Growing up in Utah I wasn't confronted with racial disparity like I have been here in North Carolina. I know several very successful black people who seem to have found a way to fit into mainstream U.S. culture, like Obama, and then we've been friends with neighbors who are stuck in the single parent/kids underperforming in school/poverty cycle. At the very least, I hope Obama's speech will create an opportunity for more meaningful dialogue with my black friends and co-workers. I think one of the toughest things to get over is the fact that a lot of black people really think America doesn't want them, and so they don't want America. So you get this negative feedback cycle where people think they can't succeed, so why try, and then they don't succeed. Anyway, sorry to turn this into a race thread, since Mat was just espousing the whimsical, nostalgic ethos of The Provonian, but those are some of my thoughts.

  3. King of Kong IS an excellent film.