Monday, February 4, 2008

Biggest Super Bowl Eye Opener

For me, the biggest eye opener of the superbowl wasn't the crushing pass rush the Giants lay down on Tom Brady, or the unexpected confidence of Eli Manning in the closing moments of the fourth quarter, or the endless barrage of strange and mostly un-funny commercials, or the collective arrogance of the Patriots seemingly overthrown by team that was simply more motivated.

No, none of those things surprised me as much as this one thing...

Tom Petty is freaking old.

Did anyone see the halftime show? Well, if you didn't, Mr. Petty and his heartbreakers put on a pretty technically sound show. They sounded good, and played some good songs, 3/4 of which were from 'Full Moon Fever'

Also, if you missed the show you missed Tom sporting an old guy beard, pasty complexion and looking about 25 pounds heavier than the weedy version I've grown accustomed to.

And when I thought about it, I realized I saw Tom Petty in the Delta Center with my dad 12 YEARS AGO! Now I've seen Zep, Dave Mattews Band, and Interpol...and that Tom Petty concert had 5 times as much weed going around as all of those concerts COMBINED! At one point a glassy eyed young man turned to my father, the colonel, and asked "Hey man, got any zigzags?" To which my Dad replied ""

That was a great concert. So good, it put all of the studio tracks off of the albums to shame. I remember pulling out "Don't come around here no more" and not even being able to finish in on the CD, whereas in concert that track blew me away.

So to see Tom looking so old made me realize that even Rockers get old. Despite their wanting to "die" before they become it.


  1. Tom Petty was nothing compared to Mick Jagger when they did the Super Bowl. Mick looked like a bunch of bones gyrating on stage in an envelope of skin.

  2. What is this "super bowl" you speak of?

  3. I'm just trying to imagine what it would be like if Rob and I went to a Tom Petty concert with Blair. I think he would just sit outside in the car the whole time.

  4. Yes, but first he would come into the concert holding his book and stand over on the side somewhere. Once he realized it was really loud he would head back to the car.

  5. Oh yes, I forgot the book. You know what: I like always bring a book or a magazine with me these days. He's so rubbed off on me.

  6. You'll stop doing that once you have little kids.

  7. What are these "little kids" you speak of?

  8. Hehehehe . . . I hope Mom doesn't read that.