Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Conchords Time!

Jed mentioned these guys to me, Flight of the Conchords, just in passing in an email, terrifically funny stuff. Some of you might be familiar with them...but if not, these are two clips that my web browser seems to go to when I have a spare moment.

This is their performance on Letterman. Sort of a joke grenade song, takes a second to get all the jokes.

The witty banter goes on a bit long here. Skip to 2:30 if you get tired of it.

What gets me is the music...is pretty great. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. their songs are so funny. that second one is my favorite. Have you seen the actual shows? They're pretty good too.

  2. you can see much of the first season of their HBO show on youtube. i spent my lunches for a week or two hunting for and watching it. time very well spent.

    i have something of a man crush on germane (germain?).

  3. Jermaine maybe?

    Yeah the show is great, Les bought it for me for Christmas.

    I enjoy the live stuff better in small segments and watching the show when I've got more time.

    The shows have great longevity. Many of them are funnier the second time.

  4. It's "Jemaine," actually. And, he's a friend of my friend's friend!


    Jemaine is also in a film that came out over the summer called Eagle vs. Shark that was kind of advertised as the New Zealand version of Napoleon Dynamite. I didn't think it lived up to that description, though it was a decent film.

  5. Plus, has some rare appearances in some Outback Steakhouse commercials. Two of my greatest loves (steak and Jermaine) combined!

  6. woah! we have a friend of a friend of jemaine clement's posting comments! big time, ladies and gents, big time.

    i've long wanted to see eagle v shark (due largely to my crush on the leading male) but i just never had the occasion to get it. i'll add it to my queue today, by golly. i've even listened to interviews with the filmmakers, and downloaded ringtones of jemaine saying snappy things, for crying out loud.

    if you're next question is, does jayne know about your thing for jemaine, the answer is no. let's keep it quiet, shall we?

  7. Let me see if I can figure out the true structure of the Jemaine/Smash/Holmes relationship.

    I am a friend of smash, who is a friend of X, who is a friend of Y, who is a friend of Jemaine.

    So Holmes->Smash->X->Y->Jemaine. Four degrees of separation.

    I promise not to tell Jayne, or her dad. Isn't that the bigger risk?

  8. I'm only 5 degrees removed from Jemaine! FOTC is one of the great comedy bands in recent memory. If anybody was in my neighborhood, I'd let you get in on some hot FOTC full season action in iPod form. Alas, it's too much bandwidth to give it to anyone over the net.

  9. "FOTC is one of the great comedy bands in recent memory."

    I think you'll find that they're the fifth most popular comedy folk duo in New Zealand.

  10. Apparently, FOTC is not only enjoyed by you, but all white people: