Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big T Sighting

Guess who was at our ward building a couple of Sundays ago? Big T baby! (That's Thurl Bailey.) It was Stake Conference week (broadcast version) and I was helping direct traffic when Big T drove right by with his NC State VIP parking pass clearly visible. I surmise that he was in town for the 25 year celebration of NC State's 1983 NCAA championship. I spotted him in the cultural hall later. Sorry Duerden, I didn't get his autograph for you.


  1. Wow, my head would've exploded.

    It would have been sweet if you'd have yelled "Hey, Big T!" and if he'd of either a) bumped his chest with his fist and nodded at you or b) pointed at you with approval.

    One of those two things would've trumped an autograph any day.

  2. Umm...I can't start a new post (I wasn't good enough to get into Provo High, I was at Timpview for a while, hoping to transfer...but it just never worked out), so I'm posting this here for you who still feel some love for your alma mater.

    Sueno MLS is a competition whereby regular folks just like you and me have an opportunity to try out for MLS (Major League Soccer) side Chivas USA (child club of better known Mexican team Deportivo Chivas Guadalajara, who you all know as the Goats). Last year was the first competition and the winner was actually signed to the team and has proven to be pretty successful, even earning a spot on the US-under 20 National Soccer Team and scoring a goal against Argentina's U-20 team.

    Anywho, the following is a quote from this article about a Bulldog competing in this year's competition:

    If the Ortiz brothers do get a call back, their journey won't be as long as fellow hopeful Santiago Castano's. The 16-year-old Castano hails from Provo, Utah, and has now made the trek twice in two weeks.

    A midfielder by trade, Castano said he felt relatively confident at his ability to perform now that he made it past the first round.

    "I was thinking maybe I could do this, maybe I can't," Castano said. "I did all I could. I gave my best. I played how I knew how to play. I played my soccer and thought I had a chance. I feel pretty confident. I'm just hoping whatever God wants to do with this but I think I can do this."

    Castano, a student at Provo High School, said there may be a family vacation in store if he makes it to the next round. He said he was excited about the possibility of visiting a southern California beach.

    For now, though, he said he felt appreciative to have made it this far.

    "I'm here today and I'm very thankful," Castano said. "All of this will be worth it. All of the expenses, the times I couldn't sleep because I was doing other things that I had to do to get ready to come here, it all will be worth it."

    Cool, eh? Wouldn't it be cool if there were a Provo High graduate playing at the highest level of American Professional Sports? Amazing, I think.