Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For all PHS Graduates who have the '96 Yearbook

I was recently flipping through, trying not to read ANY sentiments written to me, and found 2 pictures which brought me much delight. If you are still in possession of this yearbook, turn first to page 109 to the NSSP page and look at the right side of the picture on the 1st and 2nd rows to see some folks who made it into the picture without a credit...

But EVEN BETTER is the NHS picture on pages 196 and 197. Now the funniest part of the picture isn't the girl kissing the other girl on the cheek, or Ghandi and K-Jax (was that his nickname? Was is Jack-o? K-Fed? Lame-o? Someone help me out...) making an obscene gesture. No no, there are much funnier images than these.

First look at the middle of the page by Ross Cox, then turn your attention to the last row in the back. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you take the time.


  1. Dang, my yearbook is in Utah. I definitely remember the NHS picture but I can't remember the NSSP picture. Was NSSP that safety group that Mrs. Bills was in charge of?

  2. Dude, Tony you need to take some pictures of those pictures on then post them because those of us who weren't smart enough to pack our year books out of state are at serious disadvantage. I remember those pictures thought and I found myself laughing out loud in my office. Nice post

  3. I can't find my stupid book, so I second that somebody needs to scan them in for us!