Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sensitive Artists

Chenae was wandering around on the internet and was quite surprised when she found this sensitive artist like picture of Jed and me.

At first I was surpised because I never remember taking pictures in black turtle necks with Jed but then I realized it was actually a picture of Simon and Garfunkel. But it got me thinking that maybe my true calling in life is to become a musician. Jed if you're interested in touring with me great, if not I'm going in on my own.


  1. I am a sensitive artist...

    I am a sensitive artist.
    Nobody understands me because I am so deep.
    In my work I make allusions to books that nobody else has read,
    Music that nobody else has heard,
    And art that nobody else has seen.
    I can't help it
    Because I am so much more intelligent
    And well-rounded
    Than everyone who surrounds me.

    I stopped watching tv when I was six months old
    Because it was so boring and stupid
    And started reading books
    And going to recitals
    And art galleries.
    I don't go to recitals anymore
    Because my hearing is too sensitive
    And I don't go to art galleries anymore
    Because there are people there
    And I can't deal with people
    Because they don't understand me.

    I stay home
    Reading books that are beneath me,
    And working on my work,
    Which no one understands

    I am sensitive...
    I am a sensitive artist...

  2. I own that album (the one pictured), and there are some very sensitive songs on it. I think I bought it in part because I was impressed with the cover. I never noticed before, but you're right about the resemblance.

  3. It's too bad we never did a Simon/Garfunkel skit with Jed and Mat. Could've gone a little like this...

    Mat: Hey man, go get me a soda.

    Jed: Go get it yourself.

    Mat: Excuse me? Do you realize who I am? I'm Art Garfunkel! Who sang 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters?' ME! That's who! Who's got the voice and who's just the guitar player. Who makes this band. WHO MAKES THIS BAND.

    Jed: (Sighs) You.

    Mat: That's right! Now go get me a soda!


    This would have been a great skit if only to see Dwerden wear a white man fro.

    I actually saw Art Garfunkel on a rerun of SNL trying to make a go of it as a solo act in the 70's. Not a pretty sight. If I remember that he was wearing some sort of orange smock shirt thing that went to his knees and like green pants. He also lounged in a couch/each chair while he sang. I just don't know why he wasn't a huge success on his own.

  4. I saw that SNL too, I thought Art was hip. What's wrong with you?

  5. That is so funny, there really is a resemblance--especially in the serious artistic expressions. Youguys should definitely invest in some black turtlenecks--don't you have some from back when we had beat poetry nights?

  6. mat, i can't believe you don't remember taking that picture. it was a seminal day for many reasons. and i've never looked so sensitive again. bloody never. and, if we're being honest, neither have you...

    dig that skit idea, though. maybe it's not too late. when can we get the gang together for some rehearsals? tuesday nights are good for me.