Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pet Shop Boys Rock!

I've liked the Pet Shop boys since my mission in Germany. It's not that I was rocking out to their sweet electronic euro beats while I was serving but because we had this member in one of the branches I served who looooooved the Pet Shop Boys. He had posters of them all over his house. Whenever I hear a Pet Shop Boys song or read about them on this blog it reminds me of this guy and he was pretty amazing.

We only had about 10 peole show up to church each Sunday and this guy would always sit in the back corner and put his legs up on the seats in front of him. He would shout out commentary during the meetings, not because he was crazy, he was a pretty smart guy, but because he was opinionated I guess. If he didn't like the hymn we were singing he would say things like "this song makes me want to puke" loud enough for everyone to hear.

One time he gave a talk where he started out saying that he didn't have enough time to prepare anything so he was going to ask a question and anyone who could answer it would get to come have dinner at his house. His question was "what is the leading cause of death in the world"?Most of the members were little old ladies and one of them answered, "hate." To which he responded, "wrong, I hope you went grocery shopping Sis. so and so cause you're not eating at my house tonight." He then went on to tell us that it was unhealthy eating habits and talked about the need to eat more vegetables. Later that week we had dinner at his house and all he served was five different kinds of meat.

One last anecdote. We had another member who was pretty old and in a wheel chair. His mind was starting to go and even though he was a nice guy he started saying some pretty crazy things. He didn't come to church that often but one Sunday he came for fast and testimony meeting. He had someone wheel him up to the front of the room and then he started talking about how the branch was in bad shape and about all these problems the branch was having. He then told us he was dying and that someone needed to call an ambulance. As he was being wheeled out of the room to go to the hospital he called out "I am leaving now as the leader of this branch and I call Br. Klandisky (Pet Shop Boy Guy) to now lead you forward." It was the most dramatic exit from a church meeting I've ever seen and it was even more memorable because this guy declared himself the leader of the branch and then appointed Pet Shop Boy Guy to take over for him, in the same sentence.

Anways, I love the Pet Shop Boys.


  1. Great, now we're going to get a bunch of Pet Shop Boys fans visiting the blog.

  2. Yes, weirdo mission stories resonate just as much as the spiritual ones, although for all the wrong reasons. We had a weirdo who would come to church and fein heart attacks for attention, apparently the parametics interrupted sacrament meeting TWICE for this guy.

    I actually came into the area after that, but he was always calling us asking "when you gonna teach me!" Yeah, he was banned from church after the 2nd "heart attack" so I just made up excuses to get off the phone with him.

  3. I told Kris this story and he loved it because it reminded him so much of the weirdos on his mission. Those Germans are so crazy!!