Saturday, January 19, 2008

Revisiting The Wall Of Pain

'The Wall Of Pain' was a fixture on the west dinning area wall in apartment 15 in the Cinnamon Tree apartments in winter of 2001. If I remember correctly it was started by Dwerden and Ollerton who affixed a 'WALL OF PAIN' sign on the wall and hung images of people experiencing, or items that cause, pain (I believe Kevin hung up an O-chem test score where he got, I think, 38%). In honor of that wall, I humbly present, my own wall of pain.

If you're wondering that is my daughter at the end there. Did NOT want her picture taken.


  1. That Maryland basketbal picture is beautiful, it's like ballet.

  2. I have an addition for the "wall of pain." I had a cavity in one of my upper molars--but my dentist only x-rayed my lower teeth because for some whack reason that was where I was feeling the pain. Since we didn't find a cavity I had to go see an ear-nose throat doctor. All he did for me was cram this long probe that looked like a very thin Allen wrench up the salivary duct in the side of my cheek. In my follow-up appointment the pain hadn't gone away so guess what? He did it again. Not that remarkable, but still painworthy.

  3. Yes, the wall of pain. I haven't thought of that forever. It's great to see more posts I better get my act together.