Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remember . . .

Remember Naoto, Ollerton and Walters? I wonder what those guys are up to? Do you think it was really Walters that posted on the blog a little while back? Remember Brimhall? I ran into him on Facebook the other day and told him about the blog. Maybe he'll pop up. Remember Castleberry? What about Dangerfield? There's always the twenty year reunion. What about Mickewiecz?


  1. mickewitzz! we found his wedding announcement when we were moving this summer. remember how he got married out of the blue the end of our sr. year? he's probably developing software somewhere.

  2. Ollerton's at the U getting his MD. I ran into him in Vegas during the summer at the Venetian. He's married, has a wife, and seems to be quite happy.

  3. he's married AND has a wife?

  4. Reminiscing is great. I remember Holmes sliding down a glacier, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to slow his descent. I remember the resulting wipeout, it was great.

    Update on me. During the past couple of years I have tried my hand at working with troubled youth, only to discover I deeply missed photography. So a couple of months ago my Kjrstin (my wife) and I both quit our jobs and started a photo company. So now all of our time is devoted to learning the things we know nothing about, business, web design, etc. We even occasionally get out and take a photo or two. Fortunately we are loving it.