Monday, October 20, 2008

Chin up!

This video from Lykke Li is the balm I need to soothe the gash in my heart over Boston's loss last night. Could it be that there are still great music videos being made?

This one is just too good to be true.


  1. awesome.

    Keep up the goods work...on Spark's dime.

  2. Yes, I agree, MAKE THEM PAY.

    Les and I heard about this in entertainment weekly and saw the live version by mistake. While the live version has no female body builders, it is strangely compelling.

  3. yeah, saw the live version later. also a sign of frightfully talented artist.

    any of you other guys have a wife who is tracking your time at work more closely than your boss is?

  4. Hah, my wife is still used to the grad school work ethic.

  5. Pretty cool video. I'm intrigued by the enormous body builders--how does a female come to be so large?

    I think I'd rather not know, actually.