Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Distraction

Hang in there with this one. It took me a minute to commit. But in the end, it was worth it. If only for a couple of good laughs.

Then, as a follow-up, please forgive the source (family guy is hardly appropriate for this family blog) but, also good for a chuckle.


  1. Saw that on EDS's blog two weeks ago. You're slipping, Jed.

    I thought about the Fam Guy clip when I saw it, too, but didn't bother to look it up. Thanks for that, I guess.

    Now, where's my pipe wrench?

  2. I've heard that lead singer Morten Harket is every bit as agreeable in real life as he seems in the video. He's supposed to be a very fascinating fellow.

    Just thought I'd share that.

  3. HA! Great stuff.

    I remember being BLOWN AWAY when I say that video when I was a youngen. BLOWN AWAY I tell you.

  4. If there's one thing that I love about the Family Guy, it's the obscure tangental references that not everybody gets. Bravo Seth Green, and bravo Jed for the combo. Love that Pipe Wrench Guy.

  5. Guess who's students will be watching this come monday morning... Mine will.

    And maybe Mikey's.

    Tone? Rob? Could they possibly find a way to work it into the curriculum? Come on, Rob, you can do it. I work Rufus-sided Towhees and Lepidoptera into my lesson plans all the time.

  6. Why is it that everytime I see Aaron's picture next to his name I think it's of the head of a bald man with a few thick strands of hair combed over the top, and just the top of the rims of his glasses peeking through and at the bottom? I know it's something else, but still, that's what it looks like. "There's Benson's nasty bald head again," is what I say to myself.

  7. My nasty bald head...

    This is actually a picture Steve Walters took in the middle of Buckskin Gulch.