Monday, October 6, 2008

Born to Sing

Last week I commented on Tony's bday post about the musical mentoring he provided me with early in my acting career. Today I chuckled as I watched the clip posted by Jed. As most of you know, singing is not one of my natural talents. The thing is I've always wished I was singer. In fact, it was sometimes frustrating being friends with individuals who had amazing singing abilities. It just seemed like Jed, Mikey, Tony, Rob and Kirk could effortlessly sing whereas my attempts were, well, not as good. I have to admit my singing ability has progressed since high school, I can stay on key with the melody and even stick to a part with a little practice and someone really loud to stand next to but I still am a little envious of true singers. Luckily my singing career has brought me some great memories that I would have never experienced had I been a virtuoso:

1. During Music Man music rehearsals one day I was the only bass besides Gerald Reynolds. This was not good because I was only with the basses because that was a the group I randomly assigned myself to during call backs because I figured singing low was easier than singing high. Anyways, at one point in the rehearsal Mr Lindsey instructed the bases to sing their part. I did my best but afterward Gerald and I sang Mr Lindsey looked concerned asked us to try it again. The second time I only mouthed the words and he seemed much more pleased with how things sounded.

2. For Guys and Doll tryouts I sang a Harry Connick Jr. song that I knew the words to but had never seen the music. When it was my turn, I sauntered out onto the stage and gave a rousing rendition of "When you love the language..." I thought it sounded pretty snappy and it appeared Mrs. Payne and the other's did too because they asked me to sing another song, this time accompanied by piano. I remember thinking, "yes, I passed the first hurdle, they most only ask for another song when you really sound good." It was until later that the second song was only to confirm their suspicions that I really had no idea what I was doing.

Here's to all of us who can't sing well but still do, sing on oh off key singers!


  1. Feeling some solidarity with the "Sentiment to remind me" fellow are we Mat? You were a real sport doing the musicals--and you really did improve from when you first started singing. I'm glad the progress has continued. When you're old you can have the same story as Heber J. Grant who learned to sing by sheer will alone.

    "Court a gal for 15 years, her pa said we could wed." Somebody help me finish the line. Something about taking the horse instead.

  2. I still remember you being awesome doing "The Distance" with the guys. And you still came and sang with us at the nursing home. Fun times.

  3. I was always so nervous singing at the nursing home. I wish I had known I was not the only one there that could not carry a tune. If it makes you feel any better, my 2 year old tells me stop and then sings me the correct tune.

  4. I can attest that Mat improved greatly after his mission. GREATLY. I even saw him sing in a German Choir around Christmas. It was the same concert where two fellows played huge alpine horns. The first alpine horn song was great...the second drug on a bit. Really when you've heard one alpine horn song, you've heard them all.

    "I courted a gal for fifteen years, her paw said we should wed, and if my horse could only cook I'd marry HIM instead..."

    I thought about that too when I read this post. Ironically, the joke isn't that the singer can't sing, just that he wishes to marry his male horse. I always sort of felt bad that it appeared we were mocking Mat's singing abilities, when that really wasn't ever my intent, turned out pretty

    I need to revisit the extravaganza. I think the break down in "safe, sane and single" was a high point with Rob playing that kitchen utensil against his head and Mikey playing his shave ice machine. I don't who you are, that was funny.

  5. I loved safe sane and single, because it was the one singing performance where I wasn't nervous and felt I could really belt out the song without screwing it up. I have to agree with Tony, the improv instruments during the break down sections were amazing. I'm just glad Rob didn't break his neck with all that vigorous egg beater action.

    Wasn't Rob also the one that almost knocked Brimhall out with a baseball bat during Kirk's rendition of Cheeseburger during Mr. PHS?

  6. I was the first to be "playing" the shoulder pads Brims was wearing with the aforementioned bat. I was being VERY, VERY careful as to not hit Kevin in the head.

    About 2/3 of the way through the song Rob, doped up on adrenaline, comes over and is like "SWITCH ME!"

    "Well, okay, but be..." Rob snatched the bat out of my hands and began to "play" in a much more free-wheeling style. I think he just clipped brims a little, not a full on head bonk, but as soon as I gave him the bat I knew he was going to hit Kevin. There was no way it wasn't going to happen.

  7. Hah! It wasn't a full on swing, but it was a pretty nice bonk on the noggin.

  8. I thought it was great that you had the guts to give it a try. And even better that you got parts. The nursing home was about the only performing I ever did.

    Before we moved to Provo, I "tried out" for the anyone-can-make-it-if-they-just-try-out choir (because my firend did), and shocked the choir director by being Erin's sister and not having any skill.