Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Just Don't Understand...

As fall has fell here in the happiest of valleys, so to have fall fashions. I've always enjoyed donning my jackets and jeans. I usually buy a new pair of shoes. Good times.

But today on campus, while Atti and I were having a snack outside of the Twilight Zone, I noticed in the space of about five minutes about five different girls wearing their boots over their jeans.

I wonder if this is, or was, a fashion trend, or just a weird Mormon thing, like socks with sandals, but whatever it is I'm not feeling it. Whether it's because I'm old and it's beyond me, or whether it's just tacky, it makes my eyes hurt.

Lesley has some cool boots, and she shows them off, but she wears them with skirts and dresses, isn't that a better option? Or am I wrong?

What am I missing here?


  1. This was pretty big last spring when I was an adjunct at Elon U.

  2. Yes, this was huge at IU. I don't see it so much in DC, but I don't see a lot of sorority chicks in the District either.

  3. They're rocking the boots over the jeans up on the Texas High Plains.

    Seems like they were popular in the Inland Northwest last year.

    Man, I live in some weird places.

  4. yeah, we're usually a year or so out here in utah when it comes to fashion. you know when it shows up on the shelves at old navy, it's done it's time on the streets in NY for a year or more. how sad.

    but we'll get used to it. i swore i'd never put on a pair of skinny jeans, but i'll be dipped if i don't look like a million dollars in the ones i bought. but to be fair, they're not the punk skinny jeans. they're just tapered and not that comfy for lounging.

    before long, tone, you'll be sporting your own boots over your jeans. it'll be hot.

  5. yep, it's going on all over out here on the east coast! It's not so bad though. At least they're wearing pants down by Brown now, which is more than I could've said a couple of months ago.....

  6. I don't mind the boots so much. At least not on that girl in the picture...

    But remember 3/4 sleeves? That thankfully short fad was one I never understood. And of course there's the boys wearing girls pants that only come up to beneath their buttcheeks. Are any of those college fellas lame enough for those, tone? My high school is full of them.

  7. Are those the skinny punk jeans Jed is talking about? I love those--I have to admit it. So adorably effeminate!
    By the way, the 3/4 sleeve is timeless and maybe the best thing to come back in my lifetime. A full-length sleeve can be such a commitment.