Monday, August 4, 2008


Street art done correctly. Wish I knew where this was or how to find the artist, Charlie Todd, to pat him on the back.


  1. Cool, street art. Hey Despot, are you familiar with "Happenings" as a form of art?

  2. Taliatha always talks about Happenings. Essentially it is a form of art where a bunch of people all converge at a pre-determined point and do something awesome or that has some artistic message/intent. To be a TRUE happening it can't be recorded. I can't remember any examples right off hand but maybe I can get Taliatha to share a couple of examples.

  3. oh, yeah. i have heard about and seen some of that. some of it is pretty great. i went to one that happed on BYU campus. it was pretty cool. i've always liked that idea, and i've thought it would be cool to be part of one. you let me know when you're planning one, and i'll be there.