Wednesday, August 20, 2008

in case you missed it.

While wasting time perusing today I noticed a rather inspiring bit of info that can be found at at

It reads as follows:

Solid play of Bills' O-line leaves Peters with few options

"Aug. 16, 2008

OLT Jason Peters’ leverage is shrinking every day. The Bills' All-Pro blind-side protector of QB Trent Edwards has yet to report for training camp in search of a new contract. However, the way we hear it, it’s soon coming to the point where he’ll need to show up because he’ll realize there’s no way a deal will be struck with him missing in action. The latest evidence came in Thursday night’s preseason victory over the Steelers, where the first-team offensive line performed well enough to convince the Bills that they’re not destined for failure without Peters. Langston Walker, their starting right tackle who has been playing on the left side during Peters' holdout, performed admirably, but a particularly inspiring effort came from Kirk Chambers at right tackle. Chambers was especially strong in the running game, paving the way for a few nice runs by RB Marshawn Lynch."

I don't know who this Jason Peters joker is, but it sounds like his holdout has made a nice window for Kirk to shine. Nice work Moose!


  1. Set the Moose loose!!!!!

  2. Hey Peters, nice bulge!

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  4. Nice job Moose! The only thing that would have made that article even cooler would have been if the writer had referred to Kirk as Moose and if he had mentioned how one time Moose dunked on a basketball hoop by Annie Evan's house and the pool snapped in half! It also would have been nice if there was a picture of Moose body slamming an opposing defensive lineman.

  5. Hey here is a pretty good article as well

  6. Thanks Craig. That link didn't work for me but I did a search for Chambers at their website and found it anyway. This link should go to the article.