Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hear ye, ye gentle readers of the Provonian.

"Be it time for Fantasy Football?" Ye be asking? It be!

Time to weed out the pansies from the...tough...guys.

I've sent invites to many of you for 2008 fantasy football. If you haven't received an invite and would like one let me know, by responding to this here blog post, and I'll shoot one your way.

If you have received an invite and and are too...uh-HEM...afraid to accept, also let me know and I'll drop you like a hot rock.

It pained my soul deeply that we didn't have a team last year, a mistake I will NOT
repeat. Let's get this mother GOING!


  1. I'll only play if I can use my 1st round pick to draft the "Moose"

  2. i'm going to decline again this year. not because i'm a afraid, but because i'm gay. how's that?

    but since we missed our winter suit football game due to tony's canadian sojourn, let's do it this fall. like in september. little danny's going on a mission in october, and it'd be fun to get in one last game with him. good way to break in his suit.

  3. Hook me up Tone, I'd love to kick your trash in FF.

  4. I'm all signed up and my automatically computer picked team is going to own you this time.

    Yes to suit football. It was the letdown of the year last year that I didn't get to pound Chambers' face in.