Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh Yeah! Science!

Science done correctly. Check out this highly scientific looking figure from my thesis. Sure, it's not a slide show from Machu Picchu, but it's all I've got.

About two or three more days on the thesis revisions and I should be out of the woods. I start classes on Aug. 18th. The community college is referred to as "The JUCO" around here. Look out JUCO students, here comes the biology freight train and Holmes be the engineer!

I went to our ward for the first time yesterday. Lots of nice folks, but it is smaller than our North Carolina ward and there is definitely more need for people to serve--I'm sure they are already working on callings for us. A nice couple had us over for dinner and Holmes got invited to a pre-season Chiefs game on Aug. 16th--boo yeah! Our friend got free tickets through work.

Here are a few other cool things about Kansas that I didn't expect:

1. Lots of toads.
2. A lot fewer mosquitoes.
3. Lots of wild turkeys roaming the countryside.
4. Prairie dogs in town.


  1. I love science. In fact, my favorite cheer at BYU football games was "SCIENCE!" Good luck with the revisions and remember not to take any mess from no JUCO's!

  2. LESS mosquitoes than where you lived before? Man! We thought the mosquitoes in Kansas City were the worst. Maybe they're worse than where you are because of the MO river. I don't know.
    Kansas is an interesting place!!!

  3. Right, I think our area is a little drier. I think if you go near bodies of water they can be bad.

  4. Congratulations on passing your defense and good luck with those revisions! Have fun in Kansas!

  5. Jenilyn! Thanks for stopping by. You're back in UT these days, right?

  6. Rob, I think it's really exciting that you have made science your life. I would also be really excited about the toads and wild turkeys.