Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heart Warming or Awkward?

So maybe some of you have seen this video before....I think it's supposed to be heart warming but I couldn't help from cracking up. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had raised a lion. Do you think their hair was inspired by the lion of the got the lion to match their hair?


  1. Let's be honest, I'm just glad the lion didn't maul either of them.

    And who picked Arrowsmith for the clip?

    Just as I thought it was a bit over the top, Lesley came over to me and remarked on how cute it was...maybe it's a gender thing.

  2. But Mat, it's nice to know that me.

  3. I think they definitely got the lion to match their hair.

    And how did they know when he first ran up that he wasn't just going to eat them in one bite? I agree with Tony. I wasn't sure what the lion was doing exactly.

  4. this happened to me with a lion cub that i released into the wild. and i know he recognized me because he totally ate the dude that was with me. cuz he didn't know that dude.

  5. No fair, I can't get this video to work.