Monday, July 14, 2008

6-word reviews

Beck, Modern Guilt: French New Wave, without the French.

Hellboy 2, The Golden Army: More like, Hellboy 2: The Golden Suck

Schwinn Electric Bike: Really green? Don't Care. Looks great.

"House of Cards" video by Radiohead: No lights, No camera, haunting action.

Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand:Godless. Incorrect. Implausible. Misguided. Bloody FANTASTIC.

No TV at home: Loving Hulu the more, every day.

The Home Depot: Power tools = false sense of manhood.

Lowes: Tough not being The Home Depot.


  1. I think it's safe to say that Jed and I might have been the only two of the readership or writership who have seen, or will see, Hellboy II. Forgive me loyalist's if I chime in.

    One of the problems with Hellboy II is rather high expectations. The first was a bit of a fluke, a really good B movie helmed by a surprisingly able director. The second, with it's 85 million dollar budget and large amount of attention, can't possibly be a pleasant surprise like the first one was.

    The second glaring problem was the screenplay, and while Del Torro's efforts in other films have been laudable, this one was a predictable clunker. Like many auteurs before him it seems like he could benefit from writing with a partner who could punch up his scripts.

    But I liked the creatures, and the imagination behind how the script was realized, not amazing or awesome, but okay. It wouldn't be a bad rental, and it sort of filled the void for The Dark Knight. Sort of.

    Anybody else all ready have tickets for The Dark Knight? Got 'em Monday. We'll be seeing it on friday at 7:25. I fully intend to post RIGHT after and totally spoil everything for everyone else.

  2. thanks, tone. you said all the stuff i couldn't say in six words. i had to go with my gut, and my gut said "i'm missing work for this?"

    brandie brought up the dark night, and i've been having fever dreams in anticipation. it'd be swell to get as many as can get together... together. i'm throwing that out without consulting my wife (who makes all these decisions for me-- don't act like it's different for the rest of you). but if there were others who might consider getting together, i'd entertain the notion until jayne or the responsibility of the 3 kids squashes it flat.

  3. I'm locked in to the friday at 7:25 show at the Cinemark theaters in Provo. If anyone wants to join Les and I that'd be great. We'll be in line super early, so feel free to cut in line with us.