Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finish The Conversation

I recently overheard this conversation in the parking lot of Boarder's bookstore. I've made the names up.

Megan: (Looking at her phone) Uh! I'm working with Mike at eight am tomorrow. That's gonna be awkward.

Todd: Awkward?

That's all I heard. Finish the conversation ye readers, and make it good.


  1. Megan: He thinks I speak Portuguese


    Megan: I still smell like his cat


    Megan: I've been stealing computer monitors from the office and blaming him for it in departmental memos.

    I could go on all night.

  2. Megan: (Looking at her phone) Uh! I'm working with Mike at eight am tomorrow. That's gonna be awkward.

    Todd: Awkward?

    Megan: You know how he's stalking me?

    Todd: yeah.

    Megan: So I was going home from work last week, and I noticed Mike was following me again. So I step on the gas and try and lose him. Anyways, I end up running through this light after it turns red. Mike's a ways behing me, but he just speeds up and runs through it too. But right then a car comes the other direction, going full speed and stuff, and smacks right into the side of his car. I see the whole thing in my rear view mirror, how they booth spin out in the intersection.

    Todd: Crap.

    Megan: Yeah, but get this. This guy gets out of the other car, and he walks over to Mike and he's shouting and he opens Mike's door and pulls him out. Mike's head is all bloody and he seems kind of out of it, but this guy pushes him up against the side of the car and is all yelling at him and in his face. Mike doesn't really respond, and then the guy goes back over to his own car and is diggin aroound in the back seat, and then comes back out and he's holding some kind of chain, like for towing cars or something. And he brings the chain over and walks right up to mike and yanks the chain around his neck and pulls back. I mean, he was full on strangling him. So by now, I've turned my car around and pulled over, and I get out and run over there and this guy is still strangling mike with this chain, and mike's face is all purple and he's kind of flopping around and stuff and trying to get away.

    Todd: holy crap.

    Megan: So I pulled out my pepper spray, and I sprayed this guy right in the face. And he drops the chain and starts rubbing his eyes and swearing at me. And by then there's kind of this crowd gathered around and a couple guys take the angry guy away and they're trying to calm him down.

    Todd: So was mike okay?

    Megan: I guess. He looked up and saw it was me, and he got up on one knee and proposed to me right there.

    Todd: No way. So lame.

    Megan: Yeah. I know.

    Todd: What'd you say?

    Megan: I said "okay."

  3. can't beat that, brandie.

    why didn't we have aaron writing for us back in the heyday?

  4. i think you can answer any question with: drugs.

  5. How do you get out of bed in the morning?

    Where did you get the money to pay for those sweet Oaklies?

    What is that smell coming from the kitchen?