Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gems from the Pens of Students (Part 5)

The civil war was fought to unify the nation so it could fulfill its mission. It was irrepressible and represented a conflict that had to be repressed even by war.

A unison of all ideas should unite together.

The success of the Mongols in their conquest of Russia is primarily [due] to the type of character they had, and also the characteristics or traits that made up their character.

Most people have relatives who lived during World War II.

Everything had to start at one point sometime.

Everything sooner or later is history.

The Golden Bull was the father of the Golden Calf.

He [Semmelweis] is significant in the fact that he was the first to realize that diseases could be given to others if doctors were not sterile.

The bicycle was created the later the car. These two conveniences made travel quicker and time shorter. The distance between point A and point B was drastically decreased.

The high age of marriage resulted in a lower birth rate, avoiding the Methusela cycle.

Since they could not speak, they were thought to be dumb.

Many of the pupils could only watch in awe as they saw Victor climb trees and urinate on the ground. Eager to relieve himself of the burden which he did not want to deal with . . .

Anti-Semitism is the idea of feeling cheated.

Often girls wore tight girdles to thin their waists and to increase fainting.

The size of the Finnish army was overwhelmingly smaller.


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