Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gems from the Pens of Students (Part 3)

Enjoy part 3 of this ongoing series. Stay tuned for the next installment!

Compared to the poor, the rich were well off.

In some places over 75% of kids would die before infancy.

Although the elderly now live longer, very few of them die healthy.

The Romans had basically two family structure: 1) nuclear family; 2) joint agnostic family.

Q: Leonard Arrington mentions five biases in Mormon History. List and discuss them.
A: I don't remember them except that most of them were words not commonly used around me or by me.

Orphanages also taught skills but especially to children with no parents.

The Western and Central European areas more commonly known as Eastern Europe were uncommon for the times.

At the last minute the crusade was called off, but the peasentry refused to dismember.

Industrialization accounted for the rise in the sexual revolution. Cities grew. Dept. stores sprang up and women were placed as salespeople. They were dressed accordingly and flaunted.

In Peter's heroic effort to educate the backward nation, he made one himalayan blonder.

Sculpture: This art also took on a new light because figures were now three-dimensional.

Sex is a norm but Plato didn't believe in it. Socrates believed it moderately.

Botticelli: Painter, painted a lady in a shell.

Durer: a woodcutter.

Michaelangelo: a painter who liked to dabble with nudes.

Magellan: a Spanish explorer who circumsized the world.

Nietzsche: a German general who shortened his name to Nazi and started World War II.


  1. oh man, these are unreal! The ones at the end are especially good. Hilarious.

  2. "Dept. stores sprang up and women were placed as salespeople. They were dressed accordingly and flaunted."

    Someone has finally written an acurate job description for me. Thanks!

  3. That's the most insightful description of Nietzsche ever, I feel like I finally understand his work now. Thank you wise stranger.

  4. Loved it!

    This is so reminiscent of my teaching experience. I currently teach high school in Sandy and have posted a few things some of my students have said.