Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gems from the Pens of Students (Part 4)

Part 4 in an ongoing series of splendid sentences from undergraduate history papers and exams.

Oedipus Complex, a play by Aeschyles, has lasted throughout the centuries and is a present favorite of mine.

Q: List the seven sacraments of the Catholic church and define their meanings.
A: No. 7 Holy Uterus. I don't know what it means, but it has something to do with the virgin birth.

The French Revolution was caused by the nobles. They wouldn't pay their bills, no bills. That's why they were called nobles.

Eventually, if they danced long enough rain would come. What they didn't realize is that God has control of those forces and anything they didn't wouldn't make the rain come any sooner.

Just because A+B=C, does not mean that A+B=C.

However, the Hapsburg family scored more land when Maxmilian scored with Mary of Burgundy.

I'm sorry, but I didn't like your questions so much, so I decided to write on the ones that were more interesting and meaningful to me. [The student answered questions from the study list that were not on the exam.]

The Mongols had much power because of their strongness.

It seemed Bismarck built a house of cards that could come tumbling down at any minuet.

World War I came when it did. It could have been postponed but it had to come sometime.

The workers that emerged from this industrialization that eventually came to Russia had no class.

Because Austria was on the frontier of Europe, its history begins very late.

World War I and World War II both began in Eastern Europe because of the way the countries were there.

Fiances were the major reason why France not England or other powers, was the scene for a revolution.

The painting and sculpture of this time took on human form. Painting in the nude was popular and landscapes were used frequently for background.


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