Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Olympics Woo Hoo!

My winter olympics highlights thus far:

1. Alexandre Bilodeau = Chris Bentley x Gavin Bentley?

2. The official getting-you-pumped guy who yells at the US men's downhill skiers right as they are leaving the gate. "C'mon Bodie! Let's go!" He's got a booming, bass voice that I remember from four years ago. I've been using my best impersonation of it to "motivate" my kids around the house. The only one who likes it is my one year old who thinks I'm just being silly. My three year old gets scared. "C'mon Mallory! Eat that tortilla!"

3. USA takes down Canada in hockey. Boom suckah! I'm not even a hockey fan but I like international hockey when the good ole red, white and blue takes down the 51st staters from up north.

4. Short track skating. Love it! Actually I like this and all of the other "cross" events. Snowboard cross, ski cross. Basically anything where there are lots of people in a tight space racing at high speeds and there can be wrecks along the way. Why can't they come up with some kind of bobsled or luge cross? Now that would be cool.

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  1. We were in St. George for the beginning few days, had access to cable TV and really enjoyed watching some events. Now that we're back to our Olympics for us!

    I was going to make that Bilodeau = Gavin Bentley joke. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they look alike. I mean... like... startlingly alike.

    Also, Johny Weir folks. Love that Johny Weir.