Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crosby, Staal and Nash

Did you notice that the Canadian hockey team has this connection to Mat's favorite band? That must be why they dashed our chance to dash the Canadians' dreams. Oh well, it was a fun ride. I don't follow hockey AT ALL, but I've been glued to the NBC Olympics website for the whole hockey tournament.


  1. Olympic hockey is great, and NHL hockey LIVE is fun...but the NHL on TV...meh.

    Being married to a Canadian, we watched the game and I was pretty surprised how "in to it" Lesley was. She had repeatedly stated that the only medal Canadians care about was the gold in men's hockey, so the psyche of an entire nation was held in the balance of that game.

    And honestly, I didn't want Canada to WIN, but I sorta didn't want them to lose either. When we tied the game with less than 20 seconds I sorta felt that that was enough, we showed we were as good, made a few million Canadians SUPER tense, and made 'em wait for their golds. C'mon, can you imagine that crowd watching the US get gold while they all felt sick? It would have been too sad.

    Besides, here in America we know which gold medals WE MUST WIN (Men's basketball) and which aren't as important (hockey). Let's just keep our priorities straight.

  2. My sentiments exactly. It would have been great to win but could we sleep at night knowing that hundreds of deflated canucks would be jumping off bridges as a consequence?