Thursday, February 4, 2010

Party like it's 1599

Midlake's newest album came out a few days ago. Here's the first song off of the new album set to a scene from the old film "Sunrise".

I've heard that Brandy has a version of "Sunrise" set to Radiohead songs, and if he does, I'm shocked and appalled he hasn't shared it with me yet.

Here's the video from my family's favorite Midlake song "Young Bride"

If you're unfamiliar with the band check them out. They're coming to Salt Lake in March, and I'm secretly hoping they'll be wearing suits of armor when they play.


  1. you're kidding, midlake is one of my fave bands! i had no idea they were coming to town.

  2. suits of armor would be quite fitting for that album. i've also thought it might get some play among the seafaring types of Newfoundland. it has such a stormy, rotting wood kind of a sound.

    i think midlake is at the top of my list of favorite musical acts of the last decade (right behind lady gaga), and i can't wait to see them again come march 10. i've also thought that the lead singer looks strikingly like holmes. if not rob himself, he could easily be a brother. i thought it especially when i met him after their last show in SLC. (does that count as namedropping if i didn't actually say his name?)

  3. I thought there was some resemblance from a distance but not so much when the camera zoomed in. Then he looked more like Brett from FOTC (although it's probably just the facial hair.)