Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vampire Surprise

Yeah, I do have a hundred photos and a short film of our trip to Eden that I'm supposed to post here, but since I haven't had any time to do that yet, I'll make do with this little gem I found while snooping around the internet tonight.

Having read that Vampire Weekend's sophomore album was dropping next week and also having read that it's bloody (get it?) brilliant, I googled said band a couple hours ago and this is what I found. (the embedded player isn't working for me tonight)

Pretty rad, I'd say. Until tonight, I'd never found anything that made Horchata sound good as it tastes.


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  2. OK, so I didn't say anything obscene in my last comment, but I did have a kind of weird typo. What I was trying to say is thanks for the heads up, this song is super cool.

  3. That's what I'm talking about! Complain about people not sharing cool stuff and then BOOM! Wells puts down something sweet. I look psychotic in a balaclava--Dude, I was totally wearing a balaclava in our group picture! I'm so out of the music scene that's it's nice to hear something new AND good every once and a while.

  4. Can my man deliver or can my man deliver.

    I have a little bit more purpose in life.

    Thanks Jed

  5. Another direct hit. Love it.